This scrub was created to gently cleanse and heal dry chapped skin, remove blackheads and blemishes while leaving the skin balanced and hydrated. The mix of baking soda, organic aloe vera, organic grapeseed oil along with organic essential oils, Rosemary , Frankincense and Peppermint make this scrub like no other. It is so soft and gentle on the skin it can be used daily or as an exfoliant when needed for face and body.
Baking Soda-heals scaly dry skin-sooths itchy skin-exfoliates-brightens complextion
Organic Aloe Vera-potent skin soother-moisturizer-hydrating
Organic Grapeseed Oil- moisturizer-good for acne-keeps skin young
Franckencence-rejuvinates skin-promotes cellular health-reduces inflammation
Rosemary- delays skin-aging & reduces puffiness and redness