An exceptional blend of vitamins A, C, D ,E & K , organic grapeseed oil, organic vegetable glycerine with organic essential oils Frankincense and Sweet Orange. Together this mixture is a natural rejuvination process that aides in the repair and growth of skincells.
This organic natural serum was created to go deep within the skin, repair, heal and strengthen skin cells from the inside and out giving supreme moisture, promoting bright balanced healthier skin and visibly reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin A- natural retinal-stimulates collagen production
Vitamin C- potant antioxident-brightens skin repairs damaged skin
Vitamin D-rejuvinates and protects the skin-skincell growth repair
Vitamin-E- cellular restoration-antioxident-moisturizes and strengthen skin
Vitamin-K-balances skin coloration-heals and repairs skin cells- brightens skin; These Vitamins fight free radicals and are rich in antioxidents
Franckencence-rejuvinates skin-promotes cellular health-reduces inflammation
Sweet Orange- hydrating-increases the absorbtion of vitamin C and collagen production
Organic Vegetable Glycerine-naturally moisturizing-anti-aging-hypoallergenic
Organic Grapeseed Oil-protects the skin- keeps skin young-helps promote the natural vitamin C & E in the skin and in the serum.
Wash Face with Sweet Lorraine oil or scrub . Shake before use.  Apply a small amount of Fresh Face serum starting with the T-Zone and massage into face and neck. This serum has Vitamin C in it. Apply suncreen if you are using it in your morning routine. Follow with Hyaluronic Acid.


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